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Wisconsin Small Bond Program


The Wisconsin Small Bond Financing Program is exclusively for private entities in Wisconsin that have a public benefit project requiring less than $10 million in financing. When the costs associated with the issuance of tax-exempt bond financing outweigh the interest rate savings, the Wisconsin Small Bond Financing Program delivers a solutions that makes financial sense.

Cost Savings

The traditional fees associated with securing tax-exempt financing are oftentimes cost prohibitive for small projects. The fee schedule for the Wisconsin Small Bond Financing Program breaks from convention and provides a cost-effective solution for borrowers. Borrowers will not be charged a separate issuer's fee, issuer's counsel fee or ongoing administrative fee. Instead, a flat fee of 1% of the total bond amount covers the PFA and issuer counsel fees and there are no ongoing fees applied.


By standardizing and streamlining the entire process, PFA has developed a highly efficient approach. With the Wisconsin Small Bond Program, PFA can take you from application to approval and issuance in as little as six weeks. An ideal solution when time restrictions limit your financing options.

Eligible Programs

This program is available to private entities in Wisconsin seeking to finance qualifying nonprofit and private sector projects which include:

  • Qualified 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Bonds
  • Qualified Small Issue Bonds
  • Other Exempt Facility Bonds (i.e. Solid Waste, Pollution Control, Airports, etc.)

Contact Us

For more information regarding PFA’s Wisconsin Small Bond Program or project eligibility, please contact a PFA Program Manager.

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