Public Finance Authority

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Jun 29 2017

The Public Finance Authority (PFA) issued $1,087,000,000 of bonds, consisting of $800,000,000 of PILOT Revenue Bonds and $287,000,000 of Grant Revenue Bonds, to facilitate the construction of the American Dream @ Meadowlands (the “Project”) located in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and expected to...

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May 10 2017

The Public Finance Authority (PFA) issued $81,315,000 of governmental purpose bonds for the acquisition and construction of the Delray Beach Radiation Therapy Cancer Center (the “Project”) located in Delray Beach, Florida, and expected to open in mid-2018. The bond proceeds will be used by the PFA...

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Apr 27 2017

The Public Finance Authority (PFA) has provided $175 million to finance 501(c)(3) nonprofit revenue bonds for Mary’s Woods at Marylhurst, Inc.. Mary’s Woods will use the bond proceeds to refund existing bonds and construct, develop, improve, renovate and equip a continuing care retirement community...

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