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PFA Program Manager is Guest Lecturer at University of Wisconsin-Madison

On September 28, 2015, the Public Finance Authority had the opportunity to review municipal bonds with students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Phil Letendre, Program Manager, guest lectured undergraduate students enrolled in UW’s Urban and Regional Economics course at the request of Mr. Jaime Luque, Assistant Profession of Real Estate and Urban Land Economics.

Mr. Luque stated the following: "I invited Mr. Letendre as a guest lecture to speak to my students about municipal bonds and the PFA in the Urban Economics course I teach in the Real Estate program at the School of Business of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Letendre did a great job. He carefully explained all important aspects of municipal bonds and the PFA. Mr. Letendre captured the attention of all students in the class. During the lecture he responded to all questions that the students asked him. Also, after the lecture, many students approached him and thanked him for such a great lecture. I am really happy that Mr. Letendre accepted the invitation to speak to my class, and hope he could come again as a guest lecture in the future."

The Public Finance Authority was excited and honored to participate!